Well this afternoon at the art show was pretty quiet, but no worries folks! The art will still be up for church tomorrow and people will still be able to work on the coloring wall before and after church (as well as make art show purchases).

We are just a few minutes away from the Chinese Auction and Best of Show awards. TheN it will be clean up and get ready for church time! Yay!

During these last few quiet hours we had time to talk as artists about direction for the ministry community. I think the day has come when the art show will not be our main attraction any longer. So we have laid plans to promote and sell at a couple of local fairs and also to do a small-venue music, art and spoken word show somewhere in the area. I would like to see us host at least two events before the end of summer. Info will be forthcoming. In the meantime Brenda sold a few of her pieces at this show and has made arrangements to take her photos on the road for sale. she is road tripping through the month of May to Rhode Island, West Virginia, New York and New Hampshire. She is setting up to promote her ministry at four separate Network Councils for our denomination.

If you would like to help Brenda out with her fundraising tour to form an artist’s church in The Netherlands you can click HERE.

Image may contain: 1 person, flower and closeup
Image may contain: 1 person, flower and closeup

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