It’s Art Show Weekend!

Artist, Betty Knowlton begins setting up the show drapes.

One of the ministries the ministers of the Vicarage are involved in is an artistic community called C.cada. The busyness this year didn’t end on Easter Sunday afternoon. A group of artists met early Monday morning to tear down Easter and to begin setting up C.cada’s annual art show, which goes up this weekend, April 26th and 27th.

Artist, Ken Knowlton, leading set up.

Setting up took the better part of three days.

The music arena


The prayer shawl and wood burning area.

Alcohol art by artist, Sandy Freeman

Alcohol art by artists Paula and Julianna Clapp

The Prophet’s Board

All is in readiness now. The judges come in tonight. Tomorrow the food will roll in for snack bar and then it will be go time!


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