Easter And Beyond

Well it has been a bit since we have communicated with any of our readers, but to be fair the Vicarage has been just abuzz with activity. Easter is the minister’s busiest season. I guess it could be likened to the accountants final week of tax season or the teacher’s finals season. It is crunch time and this year we got crunched, but it was a wonderful crunching.

We had our Good Friday communion service and then on Saturday and Sunday we were blessed to have the Nichols ministering to us prophetically (prophetic ministry is about to become a big part of Cornerstone and we will chat about that later).

Image may contain: 1 person
Pastor Jean ministers to Pastor Dan.

Saturday our sound man came down with the flu, so I (J) went in to set up sound for the choir. I was doing fine until just before service and then I got wicked stressed out and didn’t really know why. It wasn’t until after service when we were at the restaurant celebrating my daughter’s birthday that I realized I hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast and I was just super hangry.

Image may contain: food

A good supper and piece of this cake made me feel a ton better. Of course during my hangriness I did lose my car keys so Brenda had to drive us all to the restaurant and then home.

Amanda drove me to church for Easter Sunday services and I found my keys under the conference table in our main offices.

Brenda and I along with our friend Eric led worship on Sunday morning for the Nichols while Amanda led children’s church downstairs. two more children came to know Jesus on Sunday! Praise God!

After church we got home and I made Easter dinner for the family and we had a wonderful lunch and birthday party for Amanda. my daughter and son-in-law came with their daughter Daniella!

Easter buckets

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