A Busy Good Friday

The day started out quietly enough. I got up late (6:42). After walking and feeding Jacopo and Mercedes and getting Mom her morning pill, I spent an hour and a half in prayer and then had breakfast.

From there it was an end run to tonight’s service. Today was my day to do the shopping for our Easter meal….and my secret plans of course! We are having steak and tortellini salad along with a sweet kale salad. I also bought fresh garlic ciabatta bread. For dessert we are having limoncello cake and ice cream in honor of Amanda’s birthday!

And then of course we will reveal my secret plans! Mwahaha!

I thought the afternoon would be quiet, but when I got home Amanda’s ears were giving her terrific pain. Off we went to urgent care, where we discovered she has a double ear infection. That of course led us to the pharmacy. Then it was time to walk the dogs again and get showered and changed for Good Friday service.

Now here we are finishing up the set up for tonight and I am about to go over my music one more time and get the mics and inears ready for our team tonight.

Here is the song we will be opening with for the evening.

Happy Good Friday everyone! Remember Sunday is on the way!


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