Amanda: To Good-Friday-Day And Beyond

The holidays are busy for every pastor but I think few ministers are busier during Christmas and Easter than children’s ministers. Last weekend Amanda began her weekend at the Special Touch Bowl-A-Thon where our team was part of raising almost $4,000.00 for the ministry work with people with disabilities.

After bowling Amanda went to help her Aunt Nicci pack for Nicci’s upcoming move to South Carolina.

Sunday of course Amanda was busy preaching the Palm Sunday message to the kids down stairs while I was preaching to the adults upstairs. That means all the ministers of the Vicarage were in the pulpit on Sunday!

You can get the sermon video FOR J’S SERMON HERE.

But Palm Sunday is just the beginning of a very big Holy week. Earlier today Amanda was busy setting up the photography display for Easter Sunday morning where family photos are being sponsored by the Next Gen Ministries. Now she is finishing up some work for tomorrow night’s appreciation dinner for the Next Generation workers of Cornerstone.

Friday of course is Good Friday communion service and then we have a 5 P.M. service on Holy Saturday with Kids Church included and a 10 A.M. service on Easter Sunday at which Amanda is hosting an Easter egg hunt for all the kids in the church.

Saturday is also Amanda’s birthday!

Happy Birthday Amanda From He Who Wears Stupid Hats!

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