Updates From Weekend #1

J says:Weekends are not quiet times for the Vicarage (actually I am not sure there is a quiet time). As we all are called and commissioned ministers of the Gospel, Saturdays and Sundays are often the busiest days of the week for us.

This weekend Brenda traveled to Hyannis MA to be a part of the congregation of Faith Assembly Of God, pastored by Steve Holly.

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I led worship at Cornerstone Church and Amanda preached children’s church at Cornerstone. Four children gave their hearts to Jesus that morning and the kids took an offering which brought in hundreds dollars for their missions outreach. Building the Kingdom of God is what we are all about.

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People often think that as ministers we live quiet retiring lives. Over the next year you will see how that is both true and untrue at the same time. A large part of what we do requires us to pull away for seasons from the world. Yet we are also always “on”. True down time, when we just get to be who we really are and to just kick back, can be hard to come by.

I can honestly say though, this is the life we were created for. We are going the way God has led us and there really is nothing better than that.


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