Amanda: I’m Coming Home

I’m  Coming HOME!!

Today is the day I will be home and we will all be under one roof…

In my mind I keep seeing montages of families coming back together after a long time apart and they all give each other hugs and there are big smiles and laughter. (Yes I’ve only been gone 2 weeks and Yes that is a little far fetched.) But that is what it feels like is happening.

Image result for family group hug

When in reality I will get home tonight and Grandma will be laying on the couch and probably say something like , “It’s about time you came home you dirty stay out” With a laugh in her voice and a cigarette hanging out of her mouth.

Aunt Brenda will be on the other couch or chair, we have a lot of furniture, and will probably say something like “Welcome back Mandy Mandy”

And Daddy, well he won’t even be there hahaha.

Is it the montage in my brain?


But would I have it any other way?

Absolutely not.

I love how my family works and how we interact and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’ve come to the conclusion that God knew what He was doing when He put me in this family and every time I get frustrated overwhelmed with it all, my family is their to say just the right thing.

Whether its Grandma with her crazy comments, or Aunt Brenda with a smile and greeting, or Dad with giving me space, God knew these were the people I needed to make this journey called life a success.


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