Back To Work

J says: Well it is back to work for me today. I was down and out for the count yesterday. Both eyes were red and crusty. My left ear was completely blocked and I felt like I had run a marathon in slippers. I slept a good part of the day took mucinex, eyedrops, ear drops and a concoction of fresh ginger, lemon and honey Brenda made for me. I think I drank about a gallon of that.

This morning my eyes are still red but they do not itch or hurt, my ear is still blocked but it doesn’t hurt and my energy is back to an acceptable level. I am heading in to prayer shortly with a cup of tea and expect to be further healed…YES I DO BELIEVE IN DIVINE HEALING!!!!

I think I may have caught a bug from the Netherlands that was sticking to Brenda’s luggage although several people in church have this cough due to cold and it is a nasty one. My friend Joan said that all four of her family had it and the doctor said it was a virus that had to run its course.

My dogs vet said her whole family had it and it made her husband go deaf for a couple of weeks. Yikes!

Anyway whether it is a Dutch virus or an American I am fighting it with all the Yankee in me. Time for some tea!


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