J: Sicker Than A Dog But Cheaper

Last Thursday night I came down with a STUPID STUPID STUPID COLD! It started as a sore throat that progressed into a cough.Today I woke up with goopy eyes and a blocked ear. The up side is that the sore throat is pretty much gone and the cough is looser. That said, if I am not better by tomorrow I will be going to the doctor for an anti biotic.

Today I went to pick up my mother’s taxes and get them signed and out. Then I had to take my dogs to the vets for their annual check up. It turns out they are perfectly healthy and it only cost me $550.00 for the privilege of hearing that.

I expect that even should I need to go to the doctor’s office tomorrow and get a prescription it will cost me about $150.00. I am sicker than a dog but as it turns out way cheaper.


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