All:We Need a Trickle Charger

J says: Brenda arrived on Tuesday in the afternoon. We all, as a family, pretty-much hit the ground running after that. I went right back to work Wednesday morning. I took a quick break around 11 a.m. to help her get a cell phone running, and then went back to work to prep for my evening classes. Thursday was a 12-hour day, followed by a conference on Friday. By yesterday’s breakfast with my friend Jody I was in the throes of a full-on Spring cold

Even eggs Irish couldn’t save me from its effects. I ended up spending most of Saturday in bed trying to recuperate.

Amanda says:

Life at the camp has been pretty good. It’s had its challenges, but this is my devotional scene every morning.

Yesterday I came home and dad was in bed with a cold. Picasso sat with me for a while though so that was good even if he had peed in protest on some of my linens while I was gone. Sheesh!

Brenda says: My cousin Dan took me to breakfast this morning

Getting up in his truck was no joke but breakfast was good. He told me about this special charger he has for car batteries. It’s called a trickle charger. Apparently it is designed to charge car batteries slowly so that they don’t blow up.

After breakfast I headed out for Hyannis where I am preaching this weekend. This is the view from my room

I think what we all need as a family right now is a trickle charger for transition. Things are happening fast, and we all need a moment or two to just breathe in Jesus and breathe out peace.


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