J: I Am Convinced Coffee Cures Everything

The guy from my Big Fat Greek Wedding who thought Windex was the cure for everything was on crack. Windex is not the cure for everything. Coffee is! I am convinced coffee can cure everything from pimples to the common cold. If you have a pimple make a cup of good strong coffee and pour it over that pimple (let it cool first of course hot coffee burns). I spill coffee on myself all the time and guess what. No pimples! But when I was a teen-ager before my parents let me drink coffee…I had a lot of pimples.

I have a cold right now. It started last night and do you know why? You guessed it…. It’s because I did not drink enough coffee yesterday. Someone said it was because I was burning the candle at both ends, but I am sure that is wrong. If only I had had that seventh cup last night I would not now be coughing and sniffing.

Well there is only one way to fix this…Sumatran Reserve here I come!

Image result for Sumatran reserve

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