Amanda: My Plan

My first few days of transition have not been what I initially expected. I thought I was taking a step away so the Vicarage could transition. I did not anticipate how God would work on me in this time.

Image may contain: Amanda Lillie, standing, shoes and outdoor

In the last few days I have come to realize that I am a person who lives by routine. In the last months I became so caught up in routine that I started to become, for lack of a better term, A stick in the mud.

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I started to miss the little things around me because they weren’t part of the “plan”. Some of the “missing” was unintentional, but some of it was straight up ignoring of those little things because I thought they would interfere with MY PLAN.

Image result for my plan

Through this time away I have come to the realization that the little things that aren’t part of the plan are OK and won’t ruin what God has planned for me. It has also showed me that the choices I have made regarding following His call on my life are the right choices. All in all I think transition is….good?


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