Go Time!

Brenda arrived at Logan International Airport at 1:15 yesterday and made it through customs by 2 P.M. It had been a long flight. She had to hold Snug on her lap most of the way so she hadn’t eaten. Here is how she looked by the time we got to the 99 In Westford MA

Image may contain: one or more people and indoor

Snug began coming down off his anti-anxiety meds just as we arrived home. That coupled with jet lag made Brenda’s first night home something of a trial. At two A.M. she was still trying to get him to settle down. At 4 A.M. she just gave up and took him out for a walk.

Change unsettles us all. Transition requires time and patience to walk through. At the moment I am afraid ours is wearing a little thin.

I took Snug in with me and my dogs to begin to acclimate them while Brenda made breakfast, and now the dogs are with me at my office while Snug acclimates to the house.


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