Jacopo and Mercedes: Who Let the Dogs Out

Mercedes- Jacopo, dear, do you feel the something coming?

Jacopo- What’s a something?

Mercedes- It’s anything that is not a this or that.

Jacopo- Oh yes I feel that. I’ve felt it since FIRST SMELL left.

Then I felt it again when ALPHA woke us up so early and put us in the smelly wet.

Mercedes- I hate being wet.

Jacopo- I hate being smelly. Why can’t he just let us keep that wonderful poo smell?

Mercedes- Boys!

Jacopo- Wait I hear ALPHA’S Vroommer…. Now I smell a new smell! It smells like….

Jacopo and Mercedes- OUR SON!!!

And so commenced three hours of barking at the vicarage. It will be days before we manage to calm them down.


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