Don’t Cry For Me Flerkintina

Everything in this Meowrr-Sssss-Chack place turns into a song! Here’s my problem THE SHE

did leave yesterday. She kept saying she had to go “house sit” and that it was really a “good thing because it would make all the transition easier.”

So she left me in the hands of HE WHO WEARS STUPID HATS.

What the Meowr-Sssss-Chack was she thinking? I have a half a mind to open up my pocket dimension and eat them all.

But I really do love her and so last night while HE WHO WEARS STUPID HATS was trying to feed me, I cried great big cat-like tears. It took me most of the night to calm down and this morning I feel a little better;So they all get to live another day.


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