Cast Of Characters Pt. 5

WE ARE 25.5 HOURS AWAY FROM #notesfromthevicarage

Let’s continue to meet the cast

The parts of Jacopo snd Mercedes will be played by Jacopo and Mercedes.

While these two dogs are in great need of a bath and a haircut. They are just the cutest.

The part of Snug, will be played by Snug the Duke of Lennox

Snug is Metcedes and Jacopo’s son. He is also just the cutest. Hopefully all this cuteness can stand to be in one room together.

The last member of our cast…the Flerken will be played by Picasso the Flerken

The only non earthling if our cast Picasso hails from another galaxy. Oh I know he looks like an ordinary housecat …but is he? You will have to be the judge.


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