J: Transitions

As I face this next week , I feel both Brenda’s jumble of emotions and Amanda’s being caught off guard.

We’ve all known when the beginning of our grand experiment here at the vicarage would begin. Still somehow it feels like it’s crept up on us. It’s hard to believe that the day is almost here. In just 68 hours our experiment at the vicarage will commence.

So we are all in crunch time. This morning I was up and out of the house by 7:30 so that I could get the weekly grocery shopping done

Then it was off to Walmart to buy the baby gates for our little farm. Then home to install them while Mom put away the groceries and Amanda and Flerken finished cleaning their room.

Then there was some shredding to do Actually it’s a room and a half full of shredding. but I don’t have to get that all done before Brenda comes home. She might really like to help me with that I think.

There’s this excitement inside of me about what is to come. this is going to a year of firsts for us as a family, because we’re all mindful of the fact that this could also be a a year of lasts. It’s more than just our homes that are changing this year. Our whole family is changing. I think the excitement comes from knowing and embracing that change. I am determined to make this one of the best years my family has seen. I told one of my readers the other night, “We gonna have some fun.”


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